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Full of fun and energy

I started taking my daughter to Chez's classes when she was a year. At nearly 2.5 we're still going every week, because we both love it. Chez is amazing; full of energy keeping all the kids interested all the time. There's the perfect balance between recurring songs and new ones. Little one is forever singing the songs at home, and has developed a real love for singing and music from going. We've also made some great friends going to the class. Can't recommend Chez and her class enough!

Nursery Sessions

We have had Chez hosting music sessions at Mill Meadows Nursery in Henley now for a term. The children have loved the sessions from the start and always ask "is music lady in today?".
The variation of the sessions means they cater to a spectrum of ages and abilities. The week by week themes help to retain our children's attention, capturing it with a new round of songs and items each week
The children go home telling their parents about Chez, and the parents often tell us they all ready know about her! Chez herself is very bubbly and friendly without being over powering - which we have experienced time and time again.
Our tough panel of little consumer experts rate Chez and her classes very highly - we solidly recommend!

Great Fun!

Both my toddler and baby have loved going to Starlight Music in Wargrave. The songs and activities are great fun, they love getting out all the puppets and instruments. The parachute is a favourite of course, and so is Chez herself! Its a lovely class, which we are lucky to have on our doorstep.

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