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Welcome to Starlight Classes!

Starlight MDV can provide three types of classes for your Nursery or Preschool.

Music classes can be up to 40 minutes long and consist of a combination of different music songs, activities and games.  Everything is designed to introduce the Under 5s to music and to actively get involved in singing and creating.

Each week will be a different themed class.  We use traditional nursery rhymes as well as modern, international and unique songs alongside props such as puppets, musical instruments, parachutes, ribbons, bubbles scarves and more to provide a fun class that will keep your little ones busy and entertained whilst through learning songs and rhythms!


Music Class for Toddlers
Toddler KS1 drama


Drama classes can be up to 45 minutes long and consist of games and activites that will introduce the Under 5s to the basics of drama.  Each half term we will have a theme such as pirates or superheroes which will allow us to introduce different ways to move and speak and encourage the use of imagination to create a story.  Music is also used in the form of songs that fit with the theme.  

Our drama classes are designed to help build a child's confidence in speaking, movement and working in a group.


French classes are 30 minutes long and consist of games, activities and songs that will introduce the Under 5s to basic French Speaking.

Interacting with Phillippe the dog, your Under 5s will learn how to introduce themselves in French as well as learn to say numbers, colours, animals and body parts.

We use songs and props to make the class fun and interactive whilst helping your little ones learn how to say Bonjour! and Merci to mummy!

Preschool French Class
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